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By Jef Dueck, 01/11/19, 3:45PM EST


Each new player registered with the PMLA for the first time will receive a free stick!

All players wishing to play Box House League, Box Rep or Rep Field MUST register using the below link. All players MUST be registered and paid prior to attending any rep tryouts.

ALL registrations will require an upload of a government document with birth date (unless previously registered for lacrosse last season).  Payable online by credit card or at our in person registration by tap debit only (max $100) or credit or cheque (NO CASH PAYMENTS).

Each new player registered with the PMLA for the first time will receive a free stick! Sticks can be picked up at our in person registration events listed below.


If your child is trying out for a Rep team, you must also complete the Rep Tryout Form here: 

IMPORTANT: ALL PLAYERS MUST register for PMLA Box registration. Players interested in playing Rep MUST be registered to attend try outs. Once rep teams are formed, it will be determined if rep players will be removed from house league play. Traditionally, our 1st and 2nd rep team players are removed from house league. All 3rd rep team players must play both house league and rep. Players interested in our REP Field program MUST also register for PMLA box. Players selected to a Rep Field team will play both field and either box rep or box house league. 

Registration is available 24/7 online.  Register early to avoid a $50 price increase effective March 1, 2019. It will be especially important for potential Rep players to register early as rep field tryouts begin in February. 

In person registration:

Sunday, January 27th at Kenner Cafeteria 9am-11am

Sunday, February 24th at Kenner library 10am-1pm

Tuesday, March 5th at Kenner library 6-8pm (note: $50 price increase in effect)

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning to attend the in person registration the process to register will not change.  Computers and scanners will be available for you to complete your registration.  

Review our Cancelation Policy Here: 

We are looking forward to a great 2019 season. Keep your stick in your hand!


Intermediate players (boys & girls) do not need to register in advance of tryouts. Registration will  take place immediately after successful selection to the team.

2019 Registration Fees:

Payable online by credit card or at our in person registration by debit or credit (NO CASH PAYMENTS)...

Soft Lax - $100 ($150 effective March 1)

Junior/Senior Paperweight - $155 ($205 effective March 1)

Boys Tyke thru Midget - $250 ($300 effective March 1)

Girls Only Division Tyke thru Bantam - $180 ($230 effective March 1)

Girls Midget (Rep only) - $250 ($300 effective March 1)

Need financial assistance?  See our financial assistance tab on our home page.

Check the REP TRY OUT tab for details on try out dates, times and locations.

2019 Age Group/Division:

Soft Lax  (2015, 2016)

Junior Paperweight (2014)

Senior Paperweight (2013)

Tyke  (2011, 2012)

Novice (2009, 2010)

Peewee (2007, 2008)

Bantam (2005, 2006)

Midget (2003, 2004)

Intermediate (1998-2002) Rep only

All registrations can be done on-line.  ALL REGISTRATIONS require a copy of a birth certificate or health card and must be uploaded along with the registration.  You must also have a valid email address.

Be prepared to wait as the process could take up to 15-30 min. for each registration.