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House League

2021 Season Update

***Planning is TENTATIVE based on Peterborough Public Health Guidelines.***

TIER 2 (Formally House League) 
Once cleraed, Tier 2 will start the week of May 3rd and go to the week of June 21st (8 weeks).

U5 (players born 2017-2018) Formerly Soft Lax - Saturday mornings 

U7 (players born in 20015 & 20016) Formerly Paperweight -Saturday mornings 

U9 (players born in 2014 & 2013) Formerly tyke division - â€‹Tuesday and Thursday

U11 (players born in 2012 & 2011) Formerly novice division -Monday and Wednesday

U13 (players born in 2010 & 2009) Formerly peewee division -Monday and Wednesday

U15 (players born in 2008 & 2007) Formerly bantam division -Monday and Wednesday

U17 (players born in 2006 & 2005) Formerly midget division -Monday and Wednesday

U22 (players born in 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000) Formerly intermediate division -TBA

GIRLS -Tier 2
U11-U17 -Thursday

All girls from U-11 - U 17 will play in the Tier 2 program ...

  • If successful, players wishing to join rep teams will be selected after a 3 week evaluation. 
  • An extra practice per week will be added for rep teams and the rep season will go until the end of July 
  • Girls U-11 and under as well as Intermediate will join the boys program 

2021 House League Registration TBA

We are preparing for the return of Lacrosse in 2021 with all Registration planned to begin early in the new year. Please check back for updates and timelines.

New players to the PMLA get a FREE stick with registration! Sticks will be available at an in-person registration date, or at the check-in desk during the first week of play.

House League starts  May 1st and runs thru the end of June (eight weeks). 

We are looking for a VP of House League to oversee the program, as well as volunteer help with players on on the floor and on the benches. Please contact PMLA President John Pacey if you can help out.

If you have any questions, please contact

House League Program details, Nights of Play, FAQ's

The 2020 season nights of play have been set in draft form. We will make every effort to maintain these nights but the final decision will be confirmed once our final registration numbers are determined and we receive our floor time from the City of Peterborough.

Paperweight plays once per week. Tyke - Midget divisions play twice per week.

The Girls divisions will tentatively play once per week and every effort is being made to coordinate schedules with Kawartha Girls field lacrosse to allow girls to play both. Please check back for updates on our house league nights of play!

Our Soft Lacrosse program will consist of skills station (no game play), as per OLA Guidelines. Jr and Sr Paperweight house league programs will focus on skills development with the addition of 1/2 floor game play.

2020 Times of Play (Subject to Change)

Paperweight & Soft Lax - Saturday
Tyke - Tuesday, Thursday (2 times per week)
Novice - Monday, Wednesday (2 times per week)
Peewee - Monday, Wednesday (2 times per week)
Bantam/Midget - Monday, Wednesday (2 times per week)

Girls Potential Days of Play

The PMLA has been working with Kawartha Field lacrosse in setting these days in order to avoid conflicts.

Tyke girls - Friday / Saturday afternoon

Novice Girls -  Friday /  Saturday afternoon

Peewee Girls - Friday / Saturday afternoon

Bantam Girls - Wednesday / Friday

Midget Girls - rep only

When does the House League season start and end?

The house league season is scheduled to begin the week of April 8th and end with weekend games at the end of June 21st. There will be no games Victoria Day or May 22-24 due to the Laker Classic Rep Tournament. All games will be wrapped up prior to the July 1st long weekend. (subject to change)

When will I find out my child's team and schedule?

We are unable to determine teams and player placements until registration closes and we know the number of players in each division. Typically notification will go out the first week of April and the season begins the second week of April. We appreciate your patience.

What venue will the PMLA house league be run out of?

We will be utilizing the Kinsmen arena for most of our House League programming for the 2020 Season. All times and locations will be confirmed soon after registration closes.

Can I request my player to be on the same team as another player?

It is extremely difficult for the PMLA to meet these requests as there are over 600 registered players. The PMLA uses your player information to try to balance house league teams from the start of the season to avoid moving players around. Divisions play on the same nights as much as possible and usually back to back making rides easier if necessary.  One of the best parts of playing team sports is the social aspect of making new friends. While it can be great to play with friends, many of our players describe the memories of also playing against friends.

General info and volunteers

The PMLA currently runs one of the largest house league programs in the Province with approximately 700-800 athletes. Our house league program consists of a 10 week program and is available for athletes from age 3-16. 


The success of our programs depend largely on having a volunteer base to assist with skill development and supervision of our young athletes. Please consider getting involved as a PMLA volunteer. You do not need to be a lacrosse expert to volunteer, we are always in need of extra supervision on the floor and help on a bench to open and close a door for kids. 

For the safety and protection of our kids, ALL Volunteers MUST complete a CRC Criminal Record check and REGISTER online as a volunteer with the PMLA. We ask that ONLY parents or volunteers with a completed CRC be on the floor or in the bench area. There are plenty of viewing areas around the arena for those that are present to watch and support their child/grandchild etc.

House league information/questions or to volunteer as a coach contact Jason Parker at 

For information on Criminal Record checks contact Keith Calderwood at 

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Peterborough Minor Lacrosse Association and support youth in your area.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Peterborough Minor Lacrosse Association and support youth in your area.