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2020 Tryout Identification Number

Thank you for trying out for the NOVICE-1 Peterborough Minor Lakers Rep-team.

The PMLA will be using the "TIN" (Tryout Identification Number) system to release players this season from the Novice-1 tryout.  

Therefore, after the Friday January 24th tryout your child’s TIN will be posted online if they ARE moving on in the Novice 1 tryout process.  The third tryout will be held on Friday January 31st at 5:00 in Millbrook.

As of Friday January 24th 2020




















































If you child’s TIN does not appear they are encouraged to attend the Novice-2 tryouts which take place on Fri. March 6 at 6-7pm and Sun. March 8 at 9-10am in Millbrook.

All players will receive a confidential tryout ID number that will be used to identify their release status online. Please keep your TIN # private and in your possession.

After the first round of releases all subsequent releases will be made face-to-face with the coaching staff.

A player who has been released will have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with the coach to get feedback on areas of improvement.  
Meeting requests may be submitted by email to the VP of Rep; after 24 hours following the posting of the official player release online on the PMLA website.

Best of luck at the tryouts!

Recent Novice 1 BOX News

We have received many questions as to what the PMLA has planned for the 2021 Season, so we thought we would share some details with you.

While the current COVID 19 pandemic has created many obstacles for the sport of lacrosse, we haven’t lost our focus and have been actively planning for the upcoming season. As you would expect, the season is going to look a lot different than what many of us would consider to be a “normal” season. Limited by the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) Return to Activity (RTA) guidelines and the guidelines imposed by the Province and local Health Units, we have developed a plan that will focus on skill development and growing the love of the game for our local players.

Registration numbers will be limited due to COVID protocols that dictate how many players we are allowed to have on the floor for any floor time. At this point we will be giving those who completed the pre-registration the first opportunity to fill the available spots, and then will fill available spots based on our waiting lists. If you did not complete the pre-registration, but wish to be added to our waiting list  please e-mail either John Pacey ( or Amy Addison ( with your child’s name and birth year.

We will be running a 2-tier program similar to the PHA hockey program.  However, things may look different at every age group based on the number of players registered. We are committed to developing the skill level of all players through a combination of instruction and game play in a safe manner that meets all safety protocols for a return to play.

Tier 1- will operate for players (U9Tyke-U17Midget) wanting to play Rep lacrosse.

This program will run from May 1 until the end of July. 

We are currently in Phase 1 of the OLA Return To Play and can not play other centers (i.e. Whitby).

Practice teams will be selected after the first two weeks of lacrosse in May.

Each team will practice 1-2 times a week and play 1 game.

Practice teams will be combined for GAMES and divided into 3-4 teams (Game teams will be different then the practice teams).  

There is “No body contact” as per OLA return to play protocols.

The number of players in our rep program will be capped in order to meet safety protocols. Players previously part of the rep program in 2019 will be given priority. Additional players interested will be added to a waiting list and added to the rep program based on availability and at the discretion of the PMLA board.

Tier 2- will be very similar to House League in the past. 

The season will run from May 1-June 29

There will be a focus on skill development and game play with “no contact” game play in order to meet Provincial return to play protocols.

-U5-Soft Lax and U7-Paperweight will only play Tier 2 on Saturday mornings. 

-Evaluations for Rep U7 lacrosse will not take place until June, and a development program for U7 may run during the month of July.


Girls will run one tier.  All players play in the house league program which is one night per week. House league will run from May 1- June 29.

Games played will be “No body contact” as per OLA return to play protocols.
Any girls U-9 and under will be involved in our U-9 Tier2 as we do not have enough girls to run an all girl division for them.

REP teams will be formed after approximately 2 weeks after house league play begins.  One additional practice per week will be added for rep teams.

The rep program will run from May 1 until the end of July.

More information will soon follow as Registration is anticipated to open by April 1. 

Thank you for your interest in our program and hopefully we will soon see everyone with lacrosse sticks in hand!!!!


UPDATED MAY 15/20: OLA COVID-19 Directive

By Supplied 03/31/2020, 9:45am EDT


In light of ongoing developments and legislation, the OLA has extended the current postponement of in-person lacrosse activities until June 15th.

In an announcement on their website, shared with all member organizations, the OLA stated the following:  "The OLA remains hopeful that this pandemic will be managed in the near future and that some sort of modified lacrosse season will be possible. All of our leagues fully understand that the only way to proceed is with the full approval and cooperation of the Province of Ontario, its health authorities and the municipalities in which we gather to play. At this point, we can say with confidence that there will not be any opportunity for in-person lacrosse activities (try-outs, training sessions, scrimmages, practices, games, etc.) to resume prior to June 15th, and the OLA’s Board of Governors has approved another 30-day extension of our current postponement, effective immediately and continuing until June 15th, pending further provincial directives and updates."

Complete details of the announcement and OLA planning can be found on the OLA website.

Along with the OLA, the Peterborough Minor Lacrosse Association wishes you and your family good health and safety while we work together to get through this difficult time. Further information will be communicated when it is available - continue to follow us on social media and check our website for updates, 


By Jef Dueck 03/13/2020, 4:45pm EDT

All Sanctioned In-Person Lacrosse Activities Paused Thru April 5th, 2020

With the ongoing developments related to COVID-19 and the concerns that people are sharing over its transmission, it’s important that we all work together to prevent and eradicate it as quickly as possible.

Therefor, as per a release issued today by the Ontario Lacrosse Association, the Peterborough Minor Lacrosse Association will pause all sanctioned in-person lacrosse activities (tryouts, training sessions, scrimmages, practices, games, etc.) effective immediately and until April 5th, 2020. Online activities, including promotion, registration and planning will continue during this period as we prepare for the upcoming season while monitoring the situation.

In the meantime, our hearts go out to those affected. We want everyone to know that they are part of the Ontario lacrosse community, and that we care about your health and safety above all else. We are closely following news reports and monitoring the impact that this situation is having across the province. Because we live and work in the amateur sports community, we understand the concerns raised by our members, especially considering the rising number of postponed events, programs and educational opportunities throughout the province.

Although the Public Health Agency of Canada maintains that the risk associated with contracting COVID-19 is low for Canadian citizens, the situation remains fluid and could change day-to-day. We encourage our members to visit for the latest updates and return-to-program information as we approach the 2020 season. Up-to-date risk assessment information and other resources published by the Canadian government related to COVID-19 can be found there. The PMLA and OLA remind everyone to consider good hygienic practices and safe contact in order to maintain a healthy environment. We are grateful for your understanding and your desire to begin the 2020 season as soon as it is safe to do so. Keep your sticks in your hands; we’ll be back soon!